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Theft is defined as either the theft of the vehicle completely or the theft of parts, such as airbags. Most states require liability coverage to drive on state highways, but most drivers choose full-risk policies to get additional protection (the all-risk insurance section of an auto insurance policy covers the theft of cars).
If you care about car theft coverage, keep in mind that some policies only cover the depreciated value of a stolen vehicle instead of the replacement cost. In addition, policies that offer minimal coverage for theft may not pay for the cost of a rental vehicle while your claim is being processed. Read the information packet of your policy carefully and make sure you understand by what level of protection you are paying.
When looking for insurance policies, keep in mind that some providers use the risk factor of car theft when they calculate your rates. This may mean that you will pay more to live in a state with a high rate of car theft or to drive a vehicle that is listed as one of the most commonly stolen.
However, since your gender, age, location, driving history, past claims, coverage interruptions, and your creditworthiness can also be used to calculate rates, it is difficult to determine what influence this factor will have on your premiums. The best way to ensure you get a fair rate for your coverage is by obtaining quotes from several different providers.
Car theft and your insurance rates

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When picking up the rental vehicle, the option to include optional insurance (not mandatory) is offered to the tenant, they are no longer included in their reserved rental plan. The most important and commonly offered insurance are:

Coverage - CDW / LDW

Coverage - EP / LIS / ALI

Peronal Coverage - PERSPRO / PAI
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Insurance Provided By Credit Cards

Some credit cards Visa, Mastercard and American Express advertise insurance coverage for free rental cars, which have been paid by credit card. However, the following should be clarified about this type of partial insurance protection.